I have created the very first layered mask at Riverside. This was really tough and a pain to do but it was worth it. (4 layers)

  • What are some things that were challenging?

The main thing that was challenging for me was the layering when creating this. Since you have to heat press it at a very high temperature there is a chance that the vinyl on the very bottom may melt and if the pieces were too small it would smudge.

  • What are some things that worked well?

When creating the mask that has 4 layers. The thing that worked is pressing the mask 295 degrees Fahrenheit instead of 325 degrees Fahrenheit to make sure it doesn’t melt or for it to melt less. The layering on top of each other worked really well.

  • What did you learn? How can you apply this?

I learnt how to use the Cricut and how we can use this in many different areas. We can apply this to Movember with the masks and the stickers. Make special designs for advertising things and many more.