• What are some things you have learned and/or tasks you have accomplished this semester? (Use videos, pictures, upload materials etc. as evidence of learning in your blog)

First of all some of the successful things that I have accomplished would be the microbits after long hard working I have got myself to a very high understanding of the microbits. There was many different tasks that stood in my way but I pushed through and learned many different ways to use the microbits. But on the side note being on the streaming team has many issues of stuff like microphone not working camera errors and many more but we got to a working conclusion.

This video with the micobits working. Very simple but why good feeling getting 2 lights working. This is just the beginning of what you can possibly do with the microbits.

Also this video here is the stream. The angle is not the best but good enough to show the whole court.

  • What aspects of your work are successful? Explain why.

For the mircobits was to be able to know how the microbits work so that I could help other people with making their own lights like the neopixel and the fashion class. I was able to help them so that they could replicate it themselves and that means more independence and shows that what I did was useful and will help people. Also streaming the red surge volleyball tournament was a success because we were able to get a high quality stream that helps people watch their own children play and be proud of them.

  • What aspects of your work is challenging? Explain why.

The most challenging part was when the issues when a piece of code didn’t work or some other side problems that had lots of issues which possibly held up the person when I was trying to help them causing a delay and thus wasting time. Also the streaming of the tournament when the software glitches out and everything crashes and gotta go back and figure out the issues since there was lots of errors when 1 happens. 1 error usually causes many errors.

  • What steps did you take to overcome these challenges / what adjustments did you need to make?

Some of the ways that I overcame the microbit problems would be changing the code which almost replicated what they wanted since the other way didn’t work and so that they would be able to get their project done and actually be satisfied with it. Also for the streaming it would be a lot of trial and error using lots of reasoning because we needed patience but also to get the stream to go back up because people wanted to actually watch the stream and so on.

  • Is there anything you can do improve? (with your approach to the project, or altering the project)

I would say be a bit more prepared because it takes a lot to get things to work in a short period of time. (Applies to both microbit and streaming) To possibly improve would be to get new equipment for streaming like working Ethernet cord and so on.

  • As Riverside continues to immerse itself into innovation and technology, what do you think Riverside can do to provide support and help for teachers and students? (Provide specific examples)

Have teachers that are very familiar with their technology to get the best possible pace and to also have a good amount of people at the wave that knows how to fix things to help provide computer support to make sure people don’t get stressed out with missing projects (1 person had a missing file and I went through and fixed it).

  • Do you have any feedback or suggestions, as we move forward, that could help the Tech Team meet the needs of our school and staff / be more effective? (Provide specific examples)

I would definitely say for the streaming would be the equipment and to have better places to stream stuff because right now it is very difficult because sometimes we have to stream at places that are not the best in terms of safety or just have to many obstructions.