In the video above explains how this machine works, the types of energy and the actual run. The ending also has some bloopers. This beautiful creation took over 12 hours so enjoy.


This image that Marcus and I created shows the steps of our machine

Step 1(A): is the hair dryer. Once the hair dryer is turned on it will blow the ball and start the chain reaction in the machine. The hair dryer is first using electrical energy from the power outlet and it will create mechanical energy (moves ball), thermal Energy, Sound Energy and Radiant Energy.

Step 2(B): The ball will go over the edge on the wedge because the dryer is creating mechanical energy to move the ball down. Once it’s off the wedge it will roll down the slant and gain more mechanical energy.

Step 3(C): Once the ball goes all the way down the ramp it will hit the screw where it will turn back around to go the other way.  This here will have gravitational energy because it’s going further down and it’s still creating more mechanical energy.

Step 4(D): Once the ball get to the end of the screw there will be a toy car. This toy car will fall into the paper cup from the ball hitting the car because of all of the mechanical energy that it has built up. This will create some sound energy because of the impact from the ball and car.

Step 5(E): once the toy car falls into the cup it will make a pulley system and push the other cup up while the one with the car goes down because of the weight. The other cup going up will hit the LEGO dominos that are waiting to be knocked over at the top.

Step 6(F): After the dominos are knocked over there will be a lighter. The lighter will fall into Marcus’s hands because of gravitational energy.

Step 7(G): Once the lighter falls into Marcus’s hands he will start it up and burn the yarn that is keeping the next part up. The lighter is using chemical energy to make the flame and turning it into thermal  energy, Radiant energy and sound energy.

Step 8(H): Once the string has burned it will fall down to another string that will put the pipe on an angle. Because the pipe is angled and not leveled the ball inside the tube will start to slide down to the side with the coffee machine because it isn’t level. Using gravitational energy it will build up speed and hit the brew button on the coffee machine and make your desired coffee.

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