Is it possible to manipulate gravity?

First off humans have yet to create gravity of their own because there are many different factors in the way. But we are getting there. With multi fugal force/ or Newton’s First Law you could possibly make gravity with rotating objects. In a rotating object, centrifugal force and centripetal force is created. Centrifugal force is what pushes you to the edge and Centripetal Force pushes you in (From the end). With this you can possibly manipulate gravity by spinning fast enough for the centrifugal force to get to the edge while the Centripetal force does the other way. Partially manipulating gravity because we can create our own gravity with somewhat the strength we want.

My first question is are we able to create/manipulate gravity on a space station? The answer right now is currently no because of many different factors such as cost, amount of resources needed and many other reasons. But it will be in the future at this rate of research and production build we would be able to. So lets just imagine that we are in the future and that we are able to make/manipulate gravity. To do this we would use Centrifugal force to make the artificial gravity in space. We would create some like in the movie Elysium that would be able to spin fast enough to have the proper centrifugal force to mimic earth. To be able to live there once Earth is ruined and not habitable anymore.

The next one would be are we able to build stuff in space? Right now it would be near impossible to build everything because of many different factors. The cost would be so much too if we wanted to create our own gravity with the centrifugal force. We would need to make something like the Elysium referred above. The cost would be over 6 Trillion dollars just to build it. Plus the amount of materials that would be needed to create it would be extraordinary and can take over 10 years to be able get all the resources needed to build this amazing invention. But the amount of flights we would need would be really bad because over 18k flights are needed to go back and fourth to be able to bring all of the different items needed to build it.

Lastly is what would the effects of creating micro gravity be? The effects for creating artificial gravity would have many different positive and negatives so lets get into this.


  • You actually have gravity so its easier to do all the different tasks you can do on earth without any sort of problem.
  • You would be able to move just as easy too because you wouldn’t be loosing bone density from floating in space doing nothing.
  • After being in space for a long time and you come back to earth you wouldn’t have balance disorders because when you are in space without gravity it disorients your inner ear (controls balance) and you would not be able to stand up properly.


  • Since the way to make artificial gravity would be to use centrifugal and centripetal force you would be on the outer edge. which means more prone to accidents because large piece of equipment
  • This force would make it very hard to the astronauts to work properly just because the force would push their blood down and it would pool up in their feet. With this they would be more prone to fainting.
  • It would be very hard to keep the instruments and other important equipment working because you are spinning at high speeds making it so the equipment wouldn’t be able to get the proper information.

(This video will help explain a lot of how we can create artificial gravity and what they Elysium is if you still don’t understand this)


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Information Fluency

  1. What questions did you need to research in order to research your topic?

This question I chose for my project was a challenge because there is a lot of different thing we need to figure out since we have not gone far enough in space to demonstrate these things. I needed to go more in depth about how we can possibly make gravity in space to make it easier to work in space. I need to work on questions such as how can we make our own gravity but at what consequences and that if we were to make something like in the Elysium how would it be able to withstand space from debris etc. Or how would it possibly affect the human body.

2. What new or familiar digital tools did you try to use as you worked through this project?

I have used almost all the same/ familiar digital tools because of other inquiry projects that I have done. When I was researching I used sources like YouTube and I used that template to put my sources in just like a bibliography (OneNote) When I started to work on my project I had jotted down all of the notes and all the different things that I can add to make my presentation.

3. What was the process you used to investigate the topic?

The process I used to investigate my topic was first use google a lot to try and find creditable sources and also look in YouTube since I already look at lots of information stuff. Since I look for that type of information I somewhat know what some reliable YouTubers are so that I can get the best and most accurate information. Once I did I double checked my questions to see if they are still what I want and then I started to write down all important notes that are needed to make the best possible presentation.

4. How did you verify and cite the information you found?

I used Easybib and looked at some stuff on the NASA website because NASA information is almost always accurate. I also used YouTube videos because the videos I chose where almost always accurate because the person who made the video has a lot of reliable videos that I have watched so the information is very reliable.

5. How did the process of completing this challenge go? What could you have done better?

The process of doing this project was ok. When I chose my question at first it did not have enough information or considered to broad. I so I had a few challenges to change my question a bit more so that I am able to get more information and not just a yes or no answer. The challenges was also to find the information because we have yes to manipulate gravity in space so there is just a lot of speculation and not factual information. What I could have done better in this project is to do even more searching more information so that I can add more information into my project hence getting a better mark. I could have possibly added more about centrifugal and centripetal force because I feel like I didn’t add enough information to be able to get the best possible mark. Same goes with the part of where in we were to build the Elysium how we could do it more and add more information about the possible bad things that could happen to the machine once it is built like space debris etc. Since Chris hadfield said sometime when he was in space he saw a ray of bright light for seconds here and there.