I used a dose response curve is this graph for this specific data because in order to make a good estimation of how much is needed for an antibody to kill a cancerous tumor cell. Certain antibodies have different effective rates. In the graph it shows which ones will go to 100% while others don’t. You would need to use a graph like this called a dose response curve graph because you need to see at what concentration is needed to kill all the tumor cells. Using a regular graph or pie chart wouldn’t work in tests like these. Sometimes it will kill more tumor cells then needed and starts to kill regular cells. (In that case that means there is to much concentration and less is needed.) The graph will show how much is needed and which ones are effective. After testing all the different antibodies to see how effective they are you see which one the best. This would be easy to see with the graph and not the chart because there is to many different numbers and people won’t understand most of the time. With a dose response curve graph you can see and understand which one is better and more effective without to much trouble. There is also something called¬†EC50¬† this means effective concentration at 50%. This helps to show which ones are better then others because the ones that don’t hit above 50% are now out of the picture because they were not strong enough to kill all of the tumor cells. The antibody works by binding to the cell and once its inside it kills the cells from inside out. The put a ton of antibodies into your body. Once its in your body it will continue to kill the cells until the kidney finally clears it out of your system.

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