1. Define: Explain the challenge you investigated thoroughly.

The challenge that my group investigated thoroughly is what special solution do we need to make in order to to make this Advil gel pill dissolve. Since looking on the internet the pill just doesn’t dissolve in any solution others make.

2. Discover: Question and investigate What questions did you need to ask to gather the best information for you investigation? What answers did you find?

The best question that I found or thought about is what is the bet solution that we can make to mimic stomach acid since most of the solutions people tried to make where are clearly not as strong as stomach acid. Do we need to have spit in the solution just because it has the enzymes in the spit?

3. Deliver: Share your findings of your investigation.

4. Debrief: Reflect on the quality of the process you went through and the post you created to share your finding.

This lab was a great first lab we had a bit of trouble because we thought the gel would dissolve quickly like what happened to the Tylenol pill. We where a bit disappointing that the pill didn’t dissolve. If we ever to the experiment again I will make sure to try my best to get a solution that will mimic our stomach acid more because I think this solution wasn’t close enough to stomach acid.

Order of dissolve

1. Tylenol 1:30

2. Aspirin 2:15

3. Motrin 3:20

4. No Name Brand 5:00

5. The Advil never dissolved