For my community connections post, I decided to interview my biggest inspiration: My mom. She is a third and second grade teacher at Eagle Ridge Elementary, and I choose to interview her for that reason.

She spends her days being a light to her students in this big wide world and leading them to safety. Not only is teaching and guiding people one of my hobbies, but becoming a teacher is one of my biggest dreams.

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I have already been to many school days with my mom, when my real school has had various pro D days, but never had we really talked about what being a teacher entails. When she talks about being a teacher, she describes the joy of the unpredictability and diversity of teaching, and I find that very interesting.

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Though teaching day after day may seem repetitive, every day there is another new opportunity to change a child’s life forever. No matter how short or brief, I learned a lot from this interview. The one sole worry I had about being a teacher was that I didn’t enjoy the idea of doing the same thing over again every day. My mom proved that this isn’t the case, and that even if it was, doing what you are passionate about is never boring.

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This interview did in fact reveal new opportunities for me. Now that my mom knows that I seriously aspire to be a teacher, she is willing to help me pick which courses to do, get deeper into certain subjects, and expand my knowledge in the right direction. She is telling me more about the day-to-day happenings of her job and infusing little tips and trick with every conversation we have. I’ve realized that I should continue with peer tutoring, as it is a commendable start to a lifelong hobby, career, and most importantly, passion.