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Newton’s 3 Laws

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Float Your Boat! – Science Method Project

  1. The problem

Using a sheet of tin foil, two toothpicks, a marshmallow and a piece of tape, we were tasked to create a boat that could contain as many nickles as possible. Once the boat filled with water and sunk, the task ended.

  1. The hypothesis

If we built the boat with tall sides, a rectangular shape, marshmallows, and folded in half to give the structure strength, then the boat will be able to withstand a large amount of coins without sinking, because the water will not be able to get in for a long time, and it will float with the aide of the marshmallows.

  1. Amount of pennies: 85
  2. Thinking and reasoning behind the design

First, we decided to fold the structure in half, to give it more strength. Then, we folded around the edges to give it borders, however, we made sure to make these borders very tall, so that it takes a lot of weight for the water to come over them. Underneath our boat, we cut our marshmallow into four pieces and put one slice on each corner – we hoped this would help the boat float. We attached two marshmallows together using a toothpick on each side, and taped these toothpicks down, so that we could attach the marshmallows using little tape.

  1. What would you keep, what would you change?

Our boat was working very well and supporting many nickles. However, after some time we realized that there was a hole in the side. We had to place the coins in as fast as possible. Other than this, our project worked very well. Therefor, I would check for holes and try to patch them up, but otherwise change nothing else.

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