INQUIRY – long term project

What would you like to investigate/make as a term-long project?

For my inquiry project I would like to explore working with natural materials in a art piece. I want to use local natural materials foraged from nature that could easily be photographed then returned back to nature after, or use all natural materials to create a piece of art that wont be returned to nature: for example using dried flowers or leaves, or creating my own pigments for painting using natural materials like leaves, mushrooms or fruits. The reason I want to explore this medium is to connect with nature while creating pieces that reflect my love for our earth.



Maria creates these awesome pieces using natural or repurposed materials. Her practice is incredibly interesting to me because she often uses live materials on her works, this means that her artwork is ever changing and growing. She is focused on revealing the relation that humans have with our planet, showing the great vastness and variety that is nature and how small human are compared to this, she explains why we should be protecting our planet through her artwork. She also posts workshops on her website where others are able to learn how to create bio art on their own. I feel that this will be a fantastic resource for me in the weeks coming up.


Yuken often creates works using newspaper, toilet paper rolls, and old shopping bags. He comments on our consumerist money driven culture by carving intricate shapes out of paper to make little paper trees and leaves. The example I used here is a leaf that he carved words out of to comment on how our society is similar to a game of monopoly in a consumerist culture.

I love the way he combines natural material and uniform lettering to create a striking image using texture form and words.


I cant write a blog post about using natural materials without mentioning the work of the renowned David Hirst. David creates shocking works using the carcases of diseased animals. He comments on the uncertainty humans feel in the face of life and death through his work. I don’t necessarily have any interest in working with dead animals of any kind, but I can take inspiration from his work in the form of using dead or burned plant matter to create some striking imagery.

He uses dead flies to comment on the haunting detached perspective humans can have towards life forms that are essentially microscopic in the view of humans.

these works give me serious chills.

What do you need to get started?

The purpose of my project will be to show others how awesome loving our earth can be! I want to highlight the interesting textures, colours and forms I can pull together in a artwork that truly appreciates the local forests. I am very pumped about learning new techniques through this project and pushing the boundaries of my artistic mind to truly get creative in my process. I hope to touch on some serious issues with the pieces that I will create relating to the causes and effects of climate change. I hope to create some imagery that truly touches the hearts of the viewer. Many artists have spoken on this idea of loving our planet while using products that essentially go against the message. I hope to share a deeper message through showing the evidence of what is possible while working with mother earth.

How will you begin the project?

I will need to organize my ideas and what materials I will need to bring my ideas to life before starting. I will research the individual preposes of my artwork so I can create educated and backed up artist statement.  I fear that while I am using natural materials I will come to find the process more difficult and tedious than expected. To mend this problem I will seek the help and support from my teachers and peers. As well as using the resources I’ve discovered online.



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