Staying Safe At Work

The three things I will do to stay safe at work are making sure I check and see if I think a given task is safe or not, report any injuries that occur, and ask for proper training if I am given something new to do. The two things I will do to make others […]

Post-Secondary Event Reflection

The 3 institutions that interested me the most were Guelph University because they have a psychology department which a lot of universities I talked to didn’t. Queens University because they have a good medical program, and the University of Toronto because they are the best school in Canada. If I were to apply to a […]

Emily BK’s Goals

Before I die, I will complete everything on my bucket list. I will accomplish this goal by creating a bank account to put 10% of my earnings into every month. By doing this I know I will have some money for whatever I need to finish my bucket list. My dad will support me and […]