About Me

My name is Emily and I went to Citadel Middle School but now I am in grade 9 at Riverside Secondary. While I was in grade 8 I already played for Riverside’s junior basketball team. My favorite subject is math followed by science. I play basketball and I’m also a dancer.

Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is “I strongly believe in living your life to the fullest, take risks, go on adventures, have no regrets and have fun.” That was my grade 8 graduation quote. It is my favorite because I live by it every day.

Favorite YouTube Clip

This is a music video that has a great message behind it.

A picture that has Impacted You:

This picture almost represents me because I am a dancer but also a basketball player and it shows that you could be both.


Favorite Website


Instagram because it’s a way to connect with people and share photos.

My Birthday

I was born on August 17th, 2003. There was a hurricane in 1969 in the USA and there was also a bomb blast in Japan.



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