March 18

Core Competency

“How will your newly acquired Health 9 knowledge benefit you in the future?”

Health 9 believe it or not has taught me a lot about how to view life and how to benefit from the doubt. Going into this class I thought that I would not learn anything I could not ask Google but then again, I was wrong. I learnt how to deal with certain life and mental health situations and in the end not to resort to the wrongfully obvious. Knowing that information, I will grow mentally and better my mentality, slowly but surely healthy. I learnt that not all relationships and friendships are going to be healthy nor good for you, knowing and acknowledging the difference between healthy and toxic is hard but that is what I have learnt throughout the last couple of weeks. I have recently ended a toxic friendship and I have not been happier, that is what health 9 has taught me. it has taught me to put myself before others because it is my life and I choose how I want my story to start and end. The final thing I have learnt throughout health 9 is to not eat at McDonalds everyday. Thank you for the last piece of valuable information.


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