CBL artifacts of learning

2) The whole process started off a little bit slow with generating ideas.  Once we sat down in our groups and discussed how we wanted to impact people’s  lives. Skype chatting with Eladio and Dennis from the dominical Republic really broadened my knowledge about light poverty across the world. The next skype chat we had was with Mr.Fogarty and his students from New Brunswick. That chat was interesting for me because of Mr. Fogarty really explained his process and the tools that he needed and used. a lot of supplies and expenses was needed to create the lights. My group decided that we would help the most if we would fundraise money for the costs and expenses of the materials needed to actually create lights for those in light poverty. we struggled a bit finding time and dates to hold the Fundraisers and really only wanted to only put our best work forward. We eventually decided to create a class video, where we would interview all the students in the class and ask them their story and contributions for engineering brightness. The video above features some of the students from our class that really succeeded in many ways. Interviewing my peers was uplifting of me because I realized that not many kids get the opportunity to actually build lights or be involved with a process like this and I am grateful that I got to experience it. I feel that with this video clip created by my group and I posting it on social media platforms such as youtube is a great way to get the word out here and I truly believe that it will help address the problem with light poverty and bring awareness.

3) Working in a group has always been a little tough for me because I tend to not voice my opinion or contribute as well as others. After working with my group I really feel that I have developed a skill in teamwork. Also communicating and emailing back and forth with other educators broaden my skills in digital communication. working with my group was the highlight of my experience and  I feel that I have met my learning goals because now further going into the future and working with other peers through my years at high school and life,  I don’t feel that I will be afraid to step out of my shell and contribute my work forward.

4) In my opinion, the collaboration went very well and successful. We created a Video clip of our classes experience and brought awareness to light poverty in The Dominican Republic and across the globe.  Working with others can be challenging at times because we all have different takes on situations and thoughts. I would say that the thing we could improve on is thoroughly planning ahead and not taking it day by day. In some cases taking that approach has worked to my advantage but most of the time things come out clearer and more successfully when you plan ahead and prepare, in my opinion. One thing that I did well was taking in everyone’s thoughts and ideas and respecting them. I felt that our group felt comfortable expressing themselves. I feel that the connections based learning experience was a positive way of learning. I learned things via skype chat etc that I have never done before. It really opened up my knowledge and made me creatively think in new ways.  I think over all connections based learning and engineering brightness helped me step out of my shell and look at new ideas or things in a new positive way.