Digital Footprint

How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities

In todays world when most of us apply for a job we will be googled or searched at some point. This will probably include looking at some form of social media from the past or now.  you can have a positive impact or a negative. I would hope that what comes up would be appropriate and respectful. If the work place you are applying at finds that what you have posted online is not appropriate etc there is a very high chance they will not hire you.

how will this affect my future opportunities? if I were to post something that is inappropriate that will follow me for the rest of my life, when I apply for job, school etc. i would like to think that my digital footprint will be a positive thing and will not affect the decide of weather not i will get to pursue my education or career.



Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint safe. 


thinking about what I post is very important aspect of keeping a safe digital footprint. Before posting something always this of who it might hurt and the possible out comes etc. When you think before you post it can help you in so many ways. Always think because one day you might  regret it and it can not be deleted. The same goes for cyber bullying what ever you comment can not be deleted or taken back.

Another strategy would be to don’t share any personal information. Phone numbers, emails and other important informations that you don’t need the whole world to know.

Another strategy that comes to mind would be, to be private or only follow let the people you personally know. lets say that i was applying for a job and they did a detailed background search. they were looking  at my profiles and noticed that I was following a reticular person . I don’t personally know them but i let them follow me.  This person that I let follow me was just declined from this job  for their personal postings or other reasons  were not appropriate or is  very unqualified for the job. The work place that just applied at thinks that i have relations with that person, this may affect their final decision and my future. Im not saying that this exact sto
ry will happen to every body but it is a caution to be aware of.




What information did you learn, and how would you pass on to other students?

During this project I learned many things. while  thinking about the responses to my answers i discovered that  my digital footprint is a very important thing. I had never really thought about it at all. I am very glad that idid because it will help me make responsible and positive decisions to my social media accounts and anything that relates to my digital footprint. While researching I learned that when applying for school they probably won’t  search you, but if you apply for school outside of Canada they will defiantly do a check. The reasoning is that they don’t want some one with a negative digital reputation representing their school and also taking a spot from someone who actually lives there. If i had to tell what i learned and the importance of your digital footprint to other students, I would make sure that i state its a very important part of pursing a future weather it be further education or work. basically just the importance of leaving a positive mark or impact about yourself online because nothing can really be deleted.



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