Readers Response: “A Television Drama”

Part A- The Reporter’s POV

It’s 1;30 in the afternoon and I have just arrived on the scene. There is a combination of policemen, cars, loud sirens and several police dogs barking as they parade the area.  Police believe the suspect who robbed a bank, drove a car into a tree and shot a policeman has been seen in the area. Police are suggesting families stay inside for protection and safety as the suspect could injure or kill whatever gets in his way. Now approaching is a man who resembles the suspect, And he has just been shot several times. The criminal has just been taken away in a stretcher, it is in your best interest to stay inside while the police deal with the cruelty.


Media and “A Television Drama”

Most people are nosy and if they see any action ie, police they really want to know what happened,  whether it interferes with their safety of just for further knowledge. In order to get the information you turn on the TV or go out into the action. One example from the story was when many residents from the neighborhood were asked to return home and leave the scene.



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