Core competency reflection – Français 11 – Guide de voyage

Elisabeth Pollock

Mardi le 17 novembre 2020

Réflection: Guide de voyage


This project helped me develop a better understanding of culture and how it shapes our identities by/through…


I was able to learn many things while researching and putting together my “Guide de voyage”.  Although I would consider myself as a very cultured person, I think that before this project and this class a great many of the things that I thought I knew about what composed a culture were surface level things and not truly the identity of what that culture really was.  Through this project I was able to learn a lot more about how a culture can really contribute to one’s identity.  As my French region, I chose Guadeloupe.  I wanted to learn about a culture that might be lesser known than others we commonly hear about, such as France and classic French culture.  In doing this I realised that there is so much more to French culture and what it is composed of.  There are many different types of French cultures and each one has a unique identity.  I have learned that is important to have compassion towards every culture, and that if you don’t know that actual facts and contributors that really make up a culture it is important to be informed if you are going to talk about it.  This project has taught me more than anything that a persons identity can be largely made up of ones culture, and it can effect the way the act, their morals, and a lot more.  So, it is important to be kind and compassionate towards everyone, and if we do not understand someone’s culture, to ask questions and become more informed in order to better understand that person and who they are as a whole.



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