Week 11 – Precalc 11

For week 11 of precalc 11 we continued on with the intro to unit 5 the previous week, graphing systems and inequalities, this week doing lessons 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4.

Lesson 2 was on graphing linear inequalities in two variables. This lesson built off the y = mx + b formula from two years ago, however replaceing equal signs with <, >, and etc…

I learned that to solve the linear inequality by graphing, you graph the points as you normally would, and if the sign is a  ≤ or ≥, you fill in all the points normally with a solid line. however if the sign is that of < or > you fill in the line between every other point, AKA a dotted line. This represents the fact that the signs ≥ and ≤ represent greater than/less than, or EQUAL to therefore, point exactly on the line would be true statements for the equation. < and > represent simply greater than/less than , therefore points on the line are false. The test point method from last week was used in a 2 axis function now simply instead of one.

Lesson 5.3 is on graphing quadratic inequalities with 2 variables. The same concept was used with the test points to solve and dotted/solid lines to represent the right inequality. The parabola is graphed the same way as last unit and all the same concepts are used.

Lesson 5.4 was on solving systems graphically. Some new things were learned such as how many solutions each system could have such as parabolas which are now included which have 0,1,2, or infinite.

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