Week 10 – Precalc 11

For week 10 of precalc 11 we had two tests in 4 days. One on unit 4 (graphing quadratics) and a midterm. The days off were spent reviewing past units. Since I hadn’t done as good on the past unit 3 test, I reviewed solving quadratic equations.

I studied unit 3 the most as it was applicable to the unit 4 test, and a big section of the midterm.

The different ways to solve quadratic equations such as factoring, completing the square and the quadratic formula was what I went over.

As well, I went over all of the different possible word problems for quadratic equations so that I knew how to solve them.

Such as two numbers have a sum of 4 and their product is a maximum.

a + b = 4

a x b = maximum

b = 4 – a

a x (4-a) = product

4a – a(sqr)

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