Week 5 – Precalc 11

During week 5 of Precalc 11, we spent the first three days reviewing for our unit 2 test of radicals and absolute value. Mixed in between the review, was another review of factoring for the next unit. We reviewed factoring on Monday and Friday.

A new abbreviation was learned this week to help us out with factoring. When we need to factor an expression we can go through these steps to properly factor everything.

Common – Is there anything you can divide every term in the expression by?

Difference of squares – Is the expression a difference of squares? (Must be binomial)

Pattern – Does the trinomial follow the pattern X2, X, #?

  • Easy – Does the Xhave no coefficient?
  • Ugly – Does the Xhave a coefficient?

Now, using this format, we can go through every step when factoring to know exactly when to stop.

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