Climate change and Population Juan, Dustin

  • To what extent has the climate changed?
  • Is there a connection between temperature and CO2 levels?


  • Is there a connection between population increase and CO2 levels?


  • What are some of the impacts of climate change?

A changing climate has a range of potential ecological, physical and health impacts, including extreme weather events (such as floods, droughts, storms, and heatwaves); sea-level rise; altered crop growth; and disrupted water systems.

  • Based on the data, what should we do to lower CO2 emissions?

Reuse recycles, use less heat and air conditioning, replace your light bulbs, use less hot water, plant tree

  • See the Climate Causes below, which ones do you have control over?

Deforestation rainforest, consumerism, oil platform

  • In what ways does Climate Change become an issue of class?