Gender Expression

The movie gives a message about the importance of finding balance between masculinity and feminity. Mulan knows she is not the ideal women, but she initially tries to obey to what is expected of her in order to save her family from disgrace. When Mulan decides to take her father’s place and join the war. This character affected me in a positive  way because, just cause your a man or women that doesn’t mean you can do other things what men or women do.

‘I’ll Make a Man Out of You’ is not just the best song of the movie. It’s the roadmap giving to the characters for becoming men. Its focus is on strength, but the song also highlights tranquillity and balance as traits the soldiers need to obtain. Aspects that aren’t far off from quiet, graceful and poised, all of which were applied to the women earlier. Mulan and the other soldier have to learn these traits before they are deemed ‘men’.