Final Project

This is a Christmas gift for my little brother, I customized two mugs one for him and one for me!

What are some things that were challenging?

Overall my experience using the Cricut was fairly simple and straight forward however I did encounter one challenge along the way. When I was printing out my letter for my mugs, at the beginning I was unable to “cut” them as the only option was to “draw” them on paper. It took me quite a while to work on the program and even after asking many other Tech Team students that were in the Maker Space, I was unable to resolve the issue. I did some research and ended up starting a new project where I typed my words in and chose the same font. I found that besides the font there is a section that lets you select whether you want the font to be for “writing” or “cutting” which finally allowed me to cut them into stickers. Overall this took me 30 minutes to figure out, but I was able to help out some other Tech Team members that were experiencing the same issue.

What are some things that worked well?

I was very grateful that there was a tutorial video created in advance as many of the challenges/problems I experienced were thoroughly explained and resolved in the video. It was very helpful to see a step to step guide on how to properly do each step and made the whole process very easy. I also found that taking off the “negative” part of your sticker first and the putting on the transfer paper worked better than putting on the transfer paper and then taking off the “negative” parts. This was because the original sticker has an easy peel-off back piece while the transfer paper is sticker making it harder to peel off all the tiny details you don’t need. Another thing that I found worked well was to use thicker fonts to ensure that all your letters are big enough and not too flimsy/thin to stick to your surface. Finally, I discovered that the permanent vinyl worked better for mugs since it sticks better to different surfaces and is way harder for the sticker to come off.

What did you learn? How can you apply this?

I learned a lot about the Cricut and how to use it, as well as many different tricks and tips. The Cricut is a very helpful tool and can be applied to many things, whether it be for personal use or for a project at school. For example, for my Capstone project, I will be constructing sensory boxes with many cool objects inside but was planning on ordering customized stickers of my project logo, however, after experimenting with the Cricut, I was able to successfully print out a sample of how I could make them. The Cricut is a very neat tool and holds endless possibilities. Another example is that the Cricut makes it very easy to personalize masks/shirts and for clubs, this would be an excellent way to make their own merchandise while saving some money as they only need to pay for the heat transfer vinyl and the shirts. This project has taught me how to be creative and very innovative!

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