Bard in the Classroom Reflection

(My group creating a tableau for the play “Much Ado About Nothing”) Over the course of three days, actors from Bard on the Beach came to our classroom to interactively teach us about Shakespeare and his work. I enjoyed how that we could participate in a variety of activities to help us learn. We could […]

Non-Fiction Advertising Analysis

The advertisement image for Tim Hortons was released in February 2014 during the Winter Olympics and was also used for the company’s 50th anniversary. The ad is trying to promote its drinks, including coffee and hot chocolate to other Canadians in support of our athletes. The intended audience is all Canadians in general who are […]

Information Fluency

  WEBSITE CREDIBILITY To see if a website is credible you should check to see the about the author section and their references and contacts. You should also check for any recent updates to ensure that the post is not outdated. And finally you should look for any reliable pictures and make sure that the […]

Holocaust Memoir

My hand slid from hers one last time as I was dragged away by the other soldiers, while she lay on the ground with a whip swinging down on her back as she screamed, “Hans.” Tears streamed down my face as I was thrown into the back of a jeep and driven away. I was […]

“The Cage” Timeline Project

May 10, 1933- Burning of books in Berlin On May 10, 1933, thousands of people gathered in Berlin and across Germany to watch the burning of books. Students from universities gathered work that they and the Nazi party members defined as “un-German spirited.” It is estimated that 40 000 people gathered to watch the burning […]

The Ghettos Portrayed in “The Cage” After reading the first chapters of “The Cage,” written by Ruth Minsky Sender, I now have a better understanding of the Jewish struggles within the ghetto. Within the story, the author describes the ghettos in Lodz as a cage. The city is surrounded by barbed wire to prevent anyone from escaping. The city was […]

2081 Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Devon Nicholson English 10 Mr. Barazzuol 25 September 2016   The 13 Additional Amendments of the United States of America After reading the short story “Harrison Bergeron”, written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr, one may wonder the regulations of living in their society. An individual may consider the laws of being detained by the government, wearing […]