Math 10 Week 18

Top 5 of Math 10 After 5 months of math, the day finally comes where it comes to an end. Originally, I was worried that I would not have enough time for my math homework. My busy softball schedule has a tendency to keep me occupied yet I pushed through it. I almost always looked […]

Real Motion Moments

Constant Velocity: This video demonstrates constant velocity of two small toy cars racing. The two cars are moving at a constant speed and distance; however, the velocity rates are different. One car was able to travel the same distance in a quicker time. Each car moves at a consistent speed throughout the entire video clip, […]

Math 10 Week 17

This week we started our final unit in math, linear and non-linear systems. It took me a few practice equations to finally get the hang of how to answer some of the equations. However, now I feel more confident solving linear systems by substitution. We must first look at our equations to find out the […]

Math 10 Week 16

This week we continued working on our linear equations unit. We learned how to write these equations in numerous different forms. I occasionally did struggle when converting one equation to another but have since worked and improved on it. However, this week one newly learned equation stood out for me based on its simplicity and […]

Math 10 Week 15

This week we worked continued our linear relation and began a new chapter. We learned many things about slopes and graphs. But this week I learned how to find the slope of line segments. Last year for one year or another I struggled with slope, I could never figure out if a line segment had […]

Earthquake/Volcano Blog Post

Mount St.Helens Erupting. Digital image. Oregonlive. N.p., n.d. Web.   This is a picture of Mount St. Helens erupting in 1980. This picture is related to our Powerpoint based on volcanoes and earthquakes because Mount St. Helens is a composite volcano. We learned that there are 3 types of volcanos from the movement of the […]

Math 10 Week 14

This week we completed our unit and did our unit test. The unit was quite interesting to me in more than one way. I had to work to understand the word questions and how to answer them, it wasn’t just a simple equation like previous units. This week I learned how to match a word […]

Math 10 Week 13 *UPDATED*

This week we continued our functions and relations unit. Although this is not my favourite unit and I am having to work to understand the concepts, I managed to learn something. One class that stood out to me this week is when we learned how to do function notations. I find it interesting as it […]

Biome Project

Biome Projet: Tropical Rainforest Congo, Africa A sneak peak of what can be seen our blog. To see the full content, click the link below or on the image: Keisha, Mila, Maia, and Devon