Blog Log #4: America’s Best Friend or Biggest Nightmare

A breed of absolute aggression and dangerousness, or a breed that is misunderstood? This is a question I have thought extensively about as I learn more about the world and form my own opinions (in this case about pitbulls). This article and topic immediately caught my attention as it is something I debate rather often with my family, often me (and the other teenagers) against everyone older than us. It is something I am passionate about and making it clear that I am not afraid of pitbulls and will not stand to have my opinion shut down or invalidated by other people’s misinterpretations or media biased opinions. The author’s writing caught my eye as it was insightful and had a rich vocabulary, for example in: “There’s the American pit bull terrier; the American Staffordshire terrier, which was the American Kennel Club conformation breed that branched off from the American pit bull terrier when folks wanted AKC legitimacy and didn’t want to be associated with the American pit bull terrier riff-raff.” I also found the author’s bluntness and responses to the interview rather descriptive and at times, humorous. Although I cannot immediately think of any direct connections, I believe that at one point or another we have all thought (even for a second) that a pitbull is dangerous and to avoid them. My changing point was after being bit by a dog that was (contrary to popular belief) not a pitbull, and it was then that I realized any dog was capable of doing what we thought a pitbull is capable of. When walking past this breed of dog, I no longer scurry across the street in fear, instead, a smile at the owner and the adorable-faced dog as I walk by, and I hope eventually others will do the same.

One thought on “Blog Log #4: America’s Best Friend or Biggest Nightmare

  1. Thanks, Devon – interesting article… they do look intimidating – but it is mostly the owner who ruins the dog.

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