Blog Log #3: “Are you still watching?” – Netflix

“Are you still watching?” – Netflix

“Just one more,” I say as I hit the play button on my computer screen. This is an experience many of us go through (seemingly on a daily basis) as we sit in front of our electronics and stream our favourite shows, and I have fallen prey to the dangerous addiction of binge-watching. This article and topic of binge-watching addiction immediately caught my attention as it is something I have suffered from, as well as something much of our population can relate to. I found it intriguing as the author explained each psychological reason as to why we continue to follow the useless cycle on Netflix and other streaming websites. The author’s writing made me enjoy it even more, such as her use of humor in: “BUT… then I feel sad that lunches aren’t packed for the next day, anxious that I didn’t grade that stack of tests, and a bit panicky that I’ve only got 6 hours until my toddler starts singing her good morning song and I know I need more sleep than that.” I also enjoyed the relatability and insightful and descriptive examples she used to express her thoughts.” In my opinion, this article reveals the human condition in which we use addiction, whether it be alcohol, drugs, entertainment, etc. in order to feel happy with ourselves and our lives. Although no literature comes to mind in terms of direct connections with this addiction, I believe that we can all relate to this addiction (or another) in some way. After finishing this article, I thought to myself that is it time to change my habits and that they were doing no good in my life, yet here I am clicking the play button to the next episode I’m watching…

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