Math 10 Week 16

This week we continued working on our linear equations unit. We learned how to write these equations in numerous different forms. I occasionally did struggle when converting one equation to another but have since worked and improved on it. However, this week one newly learned equation stood out for me based on its simplicity and quickness to answer.

To be able to solve this equation in point slope form we must first find the slope. To find the slope we do  By punching the numbers in, our rise over run should look like 9 – 7 divided by 4 – 6.  Now if we do our algebra we should get -1 as our answer, this is our slope. Now we can begin our point slope form which can be written as m(x – x) = y – y. If we punch our numbers in by choosing one of the coordinate above, our equation should look like -1(x – 4) = y – 9. And this is our answer, no need to write anymore.

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