Math 10 Week 15

This week we worked continued our linear relation and began a new chapter. We learned many things about slopes and graphs. But this week I learned how to find the slope of line segments. Last year for one year or another I struggled with slope, I could never figure out if a line segment had […]

Earthquake/Volcano Blog Post

Mount St.Helens Erupting. Digital image. Oregonlive. N.p., n.d. Web.   This is a picture of Mount St. Helens erupting in 1980. This picture is related to our Powerpoint based on volcanoes and earthquakes because Mount St. Helens is a composite volcano. We learned that there are 3 types of volcanos from the movement of the […]

Math 10 Week 14

This week we completed our unit and did our unit test. The unit was quite interesting to me in more than one way. I had to work to understand the word questions and how to answer them, it wasn’t just a simple equation like previous units. This week I learned how to match a word […]

Math 10 Week 13 *UPDATED*

This week we continued our functions and relations unit. Although this is not my favourite unit and I am having to work to understand the concepts, I managed to learn something. One class that stood out to me this week is when we learned how to do function notations. I find it interesting as it […]

Biome Project

Biome Projet: Tropical Rainforest Congo, Africa A sneak peak of what can be seen our blog. To see the full content, click the link below or on the image: Keisha, Mila, Maia, and Devon    

Math 10 Week 12

This week we began our new unit of linear relations and completed our midterm. Although I was quite busy studying for the midterm, I was still able to learn something new. This week we learned a new way to show a relation. The five ways are with a t-chart, ordered pairs, a graph, and equation, […]