Multimedia English Project


Multimedia Poetry and Analysis



I lost my talk

The talk you took away.

When I was a little girl

At Shubenacadie school.


You snatched it away:

I speak like you

I think like you

I create like you

The scrambled ballad, about my word. (line 9)


Two ways I talk

Both ways I say,

Your way is more powerful.


So gently I offer my hand and ask,

Let me find my talk

So I can teach you about me.



In this unit, we have been looking at different types of poem. For this assignment, you will have to find a poem on the website, Poetry in Voice, Choose one of the poems from the grade 9 to grade 12 appropriate section that is on the website. Demonstrate that you understand the poem clearly and complete the following two steps.

Step #1

Whether it is a video or PowerPoint, add key images, music, or a voice over to bring the poem to life. Find a way to make the poem that you have selected visually interesting to read or hear. Ask yourself how can I make people feel the emotion or mood of this poem? How can I make the audience realize the importance of this poem? How can I highlight the important parts of the poem through images?


Step #2

Include your analysis of the poem. Follow the Analysis sheet provided below and include all the information. Show that you clearly understand the poem. Once you have completed the assignment, upload your analysis and poem on Edublog by the end of Wednesday’s class. The tag for this assignment will be #Eng12poemanalysis.

This assignment is worth 20 marks.

Title of Poem I lost my Talk___________________________________________


Type of Poem: Free verse


Author_: Rita Joe_________________________________________________

Literal Meaning

After you read the poem, what does the literal meaning seem to be? What is happening in the poem?

About the author who went to a residential school and how she was stripped off her identity.








Pick out three uses of imagery and write them below (this will most likely be a phrase or line from the poem), then explain what the poet is trying to convey with this image. (include line citations)


1].       IMAGE: The residential school_ _________________________________________


MEANING:___Where she became Canadian and got stripped off her identity. “At Shubenacadie school. You snatched it away” (line 3 and 4)



2].       IMAGE: “When I was a little girl” (line 3) _________________________________________



The little girl being taken away from her family



3].          IMAGE: _ So gently I offer my hand and ask, (line 10)



MEANING: She is trying to educate people and show her true identity that was taken away from her. _______________________________________




Lyric Qualities

Describe the sound of this poem. You will use terms like: internal rhyme, rhyme scheme, alliteration, onomatopoeia, and repetition. Find two specific lines or elements of the poem to discuss. List them and then tell what you think they mean.

(include line citations)


1].          Lyric Device: Repetition _ “I lost my talk” (line 1).

I speak like you (line 6)

I think like you (line 7)

I create like you (line 8)

All lines start with “I”



Meaning: That she is explaining how she changed in the residential school she was taken to. And how she was forced to lose her nativity and traditions ________________________________________


2].       Lyric Device: Assonance

The scrambled ballad, about my word. (line 9) Assonance because of the repeating a sound





Meaning: That the person is stuck in between the two nativities. Canadian and Aboriginal and feel like that she doesn’t belong, so her life became scrambled. __________________________________________


Figurative Meaning

Find at least two figurative devices and explain what they mean. You are looking for terms like: simile, metaphor, allusion, symbolism and personification.

(include line citations)

1].          Figurative Device: Allusion “At Shubenacadie school”. (line 4)


Meaning: She is referring a residential school that she attended __________________________________________


2].       Figurative Device: Simile “I speak like you.” (line 6) __________________________________

Meaning: Getting a new language taught and the only one you are able to speak. And losing herself and her identity _________________________________________


  1. Figurative Device: Metaphor “The scrambled ballad, about my word”. (line 9) _______________________________________

Meaning: A ballad is a folktale and Joe is saying how her stories changed after residential school. ___________________________________________



What do you think is the message of this poem?

Don’t punish someone’s else’s identity and let them represent and be who they are.


The visual









Narrative poem assignment

By: Dasha and Amel


Alec the bun bun wanted a carrot

He gazed at the bright orange delicacy before him

Presto! The magician with the power to end hunger walks in

Alec exchanged looks and got taken out of cage

His eyes trapped by the vivid orange delicacy

Alas it was not meant to be

For the show must go on

Alec enraged would certainly put on a show like never before

The magician oblivious to Alec’s plans

Went about the usual routine

Alec got angered by the blindness of the magician

So as the magician called for Alec he didn’t budge a single toe

The magician got mad and started signaling for Alec to move

The magician played coy, he knew Alec desired his just desserts

Alec started to rebel to the magician

The magician reached in to the hat and got a

mousetrap to his finger as an unexpected surprise

He stood screaming on stage for all to see

Two can play at that game

The magician dropped the egg for Alec

Who willingly dodged it and sent it right back

The egg came back and painted the magicians face

The magician infuriated transforms Alec’s treat to a flower

Alec then lost his patience and started to rebel even more

He used the magic hat to engulf the magician’s smug face

The magician turned red like a tomato

But Alec was not done

He stripped away all of the magician’s trick from his sleeve and all his dignity

The magician back into the hat and he was greeted with the shock of his life

The magician started to dance as the musicians blissfully played an electric tune

As the magician chased Alec he was flung through the air and nearly died

After all the conflict Alec had a change of heart

Alec saved the magician’s life by moving the magic hat before getting crushed

by the pile of rubble

All was destroyed, and the show could no longer go on

The crowd went wild after the magician was saved by Alec

for they have seen a show like never before

A lesson was learned by both the magician and Alec

They learned that each other’s well being comes before all.