Blog post week 12

This week, I have learned how to graph the absolute value of a linear function. And since you can’t have negatives the graph goes down and then comes up which makes it a shape of a v. My example that I used was y=3x+3. And then I graphed it and labeled the x int and the y int. Also the domain and range. And its a linear function because it does not have an x^2 so it won’t be a parabola. The domain is always going to be that XER and the range can be that y \ge 0. Or any number greater than zero in this case my range is that y is greater or equal to zero. I can’t wait to learn more of these functions and so far graphing them is easy. And its a lot easier to find the x ints when it is in vertex form because then you can easily plot the vertex on the graph and then convert it to general form to get the y int.