Solution fluency

-Develop some questions

-How many people are in out group?, there were 4 people in our group.

-What were the devices in our group?, The devices were 4 laptops

-Are the people in our group good with technology?, It was bit of a mic=x, some people were and others weren’t.


What could you do if your device could read to you?  How could it help?

If my devices could read to me that would be pretty help full, the reason I say that is because it would be a lot less work and it would make homework easier and just in general doing work my on my device easier. A way it could help is say someone is blind so they clearly can’t see, if their devices could read out loud to them it would make their life very simple on that part and they could get more work done.


-What’s your plan?

Our plan was to go into the settings of our devices and see if we could change a few things to make our devices read to us, but as many different things we tried it didn’t work for us and out devices didn’t read to us.


How could you have improved your plan?

I feel like we could have done a bit of research and found different ways of making out devices read to us instead of just trying 2-3 different things then giving up.


How would you define the investigation in your own words?

I would say it was pretty hard to find out a way to make your laptop speak to you but overall it something interesting to play around with.


-What questions did the investigation conjure up?

It made me wonder how many people do this to their devices and why they do it as well as if they do it their selves or if they buy devices that are already like this.


-What answer did you find?

The answer that I found was that not very many people have devices that read to them and if they do they don’t buy it that way they either set it up their selves or get someone to set it up for them.


What did you do well and what could you have improved on?

I think we worked really well as a group but something we could improve on is maybe actaually figuring out how to make the devices read to us.





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