Green House-Solution Fluency

1) Define 

The problem we need to solve is “Making my a house to more energy efficient.” Which means, it is not just about saving money and energy aimlessly or meaninglessly. To make a house more energy sufficient, we have to plan out not only spends but profits we will get from the result. It is important to valence those two to make the plan effective. In this project, I will set the house as a common house with big windows in the living room that uses automatic boiler system and incandescent lamps.

2) Discover

In the past, people tried to save energy (money) by not doing things that need to spend energy. Such as not turning lights on often, and keeping water in sinks. These basic actions do help to save energy. However, they can not solve the problem, because the important thing to solve the problem is making the result as perfect as possible while saving energy. The most common way was using LED lights instead of incandescent lamps.

3) Dream

I approached the problem with 3 different types of energy. Gas, fuel, and electricity. To have a better understanding of these energies, I thought of several examples of each energy and tried to find efficient ways of saving energy within the examples.


  • Electricity- Refrigerator, TV, waste disposal machine, lights
  • Gas- Boiler, fireplace, stove
  • (Fossil)Fuel- Viachle, Barbeque grill

According to The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, 39% of U.S. energy from all sources is used to generate electricity, and the United States got 36% of its energy from petroleum (fuel). Gases also take a big part. Natural gas provides 29% of our energy and is used to heat about half the homes in the U.S. (Data from 2015)

To solve the problem, I made a simple chart down below.

     What                                              Why                                                     How

  • Electricity  Light        Incandescent lamps are not energy efficient       Substitute
  • Gas              Boiler     Auto – boiler uses energy even it is turned off      Make it manual
  • Fuel            Vehicle     It uses 3/5 of house fuel (Amory Lovins: A       Reduce the consumption
  •                                                              40-year plan for energy)

We can substitute the incandescent lamps with lamps that are more energy efficient such as LED lights. Changing the boiler to work manually by lever and switch will help to save energy. The most of the fuel use of the vehicle is caused by its mass. Upgrading the vehicle in its mass will reduce the amount of fuel that is needed.

4) Deliver


LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights have many advantages that incandescent lamps do not have. High-quality illumination, long life and endurance are some of them. Even if we just discuss lifetime, LED lights are more beneficial than incandescent lamps. An average incandescent lamp lasts about 1,000 hours and LED light lasts about 30,000. Which means LED lights last 30 times longer than incandescent lamps.

The approximate prices of one light bulb are $1 for an incandescent lamp and $8 for a LED lights. Numbers of bulbs needed for 30,000 hours of use are approximately 30 for incandescent lamps. However, for LED lights, only 1 bulb is needed (The life spend of a bulb gets affected by circumstance). Which means, we can save about $20 when we use a LED light for 30,000 hours.


  • LED light is a directional light that may not spread as evenly as other sources.
  • Cost a lot more than an incandescent lamp.








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