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How i can make my home and others more energy efficient

Current house is worth 900 thousand dollars

A few draw backs are that all these solutions have a cost to them, and money needs to be generated to do these.

1.  basic solar panels.
Define- The challenge id recive by installing solar panels onto my home is that we would need permission from our strata leader and they are a pain to work with, an the overall cost, by a 2015 quote, it would be 17,000 to install everything including labor.
Discover- The problem with installing solar panels is that the cost is way too high, our strata leader wont allow (most likely) and solar panels hurt the environment more then you think. Heres how they have a super exotic element inside of it and it needs to be mined and that produces a lot of pollution.
Dream- I could ask for small portions of money from each home and possibly install a large solar panel on top of my home, and that solar panel would produce power to every home in my complex.

2. A smart Thermostats
Define – there aren’t really any challenges with a smart thermostats besides understanding how to use it.
Discover- with the increasing of new technology, and increasing of heating bills, people are falling into more eco friendly and money saving lifestyles and this not really doing any big impact too your life/lifestyle.
Dream- By more people using a smarter thermostat, they save way more money that they can use for possible better educations, trips, or future financial aid. Also by being more eco-friendly they generate longer life on earth, and healthier ways of life.
Deliver- 1, solution I purpose is that you clearly get one, my 2nd solution is too inform others of the use of these thermostats 3rd to represent the thermostats qualities as much as possible.

3. Led lights
 Define – Led lights are great but some challenges are that there very expensive too purchase, High powered LED downlights can be taller than halogen lights, which can be a problem if roof space is limited.

 Discover – LEDs are great because they produce way more light but overall cost less to run and many large manufactures save more money, but on the downside their brightness could create headaches or eye problems due to their brightness.
Dream- workable solutions to the issue are to just get more people to use LEDs, inform people and manufactures which are still using halogen lights on how much money they can save, and how they can help the environment.


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