My masterpiece

My Masterpiece
By Danica Dias

Wooden spindle, upright and tall
Yarn warped around me, upon miles and miles
But not too long.

Layers interlaced, up until you came along.
You poked, pried, and pulled
Unwinded, I fall.

Needles first I land
Unsure I took that chance
You tied the knot, holding my hand

You spun me like a princess
With every string, held a new layer.
A mess at first, I felt skinless

And with all my Golden Fleece you now possessed,
You created a masterpiece


My Masterpiece by Danica Dias

We belong and feel completed by making connections to others in our world.

The poem My Masterpiece by Danica Dias is an open, lyric poem with an optimistic yet hopeful tone, that describes a blossoming relationship between two people. This theme stays true to the thematic statement. To begin with, the structure of this poem is an open poem because it does not have a set rhyme scheme or meter and lyric because it expresses deep personal feelings of the poet. The rhyme scheme is not consistent throughout the poem, it does sometimes have a rhyme here and there but overall there is no set meter. This poem is very metaphorical but at the same time literal. It tells a beautiful story of a relationship through symbols of her being the yarn and him the needles, it’s composed in a manner where every line means something new.

In the poem My Masterpiece by Danica a handful of metaphors and symbols. From Danica being the yarn and finding her needles for the result of something beautiful. The poem starts off with Danica talking about how she’s strong and independent and how she has miles upon miles of yarn. Which the lines 2 and 3 are also a paradox, because something can’t be miles long but at the same time not too long. She then starts talking about meeting someone who started to untangle her “yarn” he “poked, pried and pulled” which is also an alliteration. Then she falls needles first which is a symbol, he is the needles because yarn and needles go together. “ You
tied the knot” which is literal as in when you start knitting you have to tie a knot, but also metaphoric as in getting married/making it official. “You spun me like a princess” is a simile and then some personification in line 11 because string can’t hold something, it doesn’t have hands. In the final lines Danica brings the poem all together in the last 2 lines talking about her “Golden Fleece” which is a symbol for her and her strength/pride and concludes with him making their relationship a masterpiece; so completed, he finished knitting.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a very meaningful poem, read this award winning piece of work written by yours truly Danica Dias.