Sugar daddies?

Where in the world sugar daddies thrive, why, and what’s being done about it.

I found this article extremely interesting not only did the title catch my eye but the whole concept. “Sugar daddies” and “sugar babies”.. This article was written with some humour accompanied with some irony, but in the end it’s actually quite an issue. So this is how it goes down, girls sign up on the websites “seeking arrangements”and or “business insider” and then seek for their sugar daddy. Which then they make an arrangement with what their relationship will be like and usually results with just company for money. Results have proven that’s its mostly students who register for these sites due to their student loans. There are over 10 million sugar babies and around 2.5 that have found their match. The biggest problem due to these websites are in Africa. South Africa has the largest number of HIV infections in the world: 7 million people infected. 22% of all the world’s new HIV infections in 2016 were in young women from West and Central Africa. Those areas contain only 7% of the world’s population but 17% of all the people living with HIV, and with 30% of the entire world’s HIV-related deaths in 2016. So due to these arrangements it causes these situations to be worse even though they’re also getting paid a lot. In the end is it really worth selling yourself to an older man for money…?