Is Valentine’s Day at an elementary school a good idea?

What caught my eye immediately was the title. It sparked a familiar feeling; making me think back to what I consider the “easy days” back in elementary school. Sitting in class ecstatic ready to receive all those goofy cards, yet not so tasty sweets. The class rule: a card for everyone. Establishes everyone would always receive a sac full of cards with some cheesy jokes. What reached out to me is when the author started using numerical statistics showing approximately how much people spend each year on cards, including the amount of cards purchased. Adding up to around 750 million cards, more like 750 million pieces of paper that get looked at for no more than 30 seconds to be just thrown into the trash. This piece the author wrote was all pretty ironic. Suggesting if we just take a brief second to think about it, isn’t it comical how so many kids participate in this holiday, even though they’re all so oblivious to what it’s really about. I completely agree with the direction the article was leaning towards to; stating that it’s sort of pointless for younger children in elementary school to be celebrating the day of love because in reality they could be spending their time on anything else, more “educational.” But personally I don’t think I would ever want to end this silly tradition. It’s a part of my childhood that I definitely enjoyed and truly got excited for. Therefore I personally wouldn’t ever want to take that experience away from the other children who haven’t been through it yet.