How other countries manage waste

Waste is a big problem in the world and in some countries they are exceeding the limits that they can carry and managing waste is costly, some companies have even gone bankrupt.


Britain: Landfill is very common and usually they let it pile up for high amounts. roughly 111 million tonnes of waste is gathered every year in Britain, then it would be burned which would release high amounts of toxic gases into the atmosphere. Before waste would just pile up and be forgotten in some places.


China: The country that generates the most trash in the world, even after cancelling the deal with the western countries it still manages to generate a ton of trash. Chinese authorities are proposing the idea to create more incinerators but they still manage to end up in landfills, some of the waste somehow makes its way to rivers or even the ocean


India: with the high increase of the urban population there have also been an increase in waste, landfills are roughly all over the country, they rely on solidification/stabilization and incineration, but only for the hazardous waste. 88% of India’s waste are capable being burned while the other 12% are left in landfills

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