What direction should the BC forest industry take?

Economy is a big thing that keeps a country going, and depending in where the country is located they need to make use of their surroundings in order to sustain their economy to keep the country moving forward.

Canada should take in consideration of the future ahead when selling and exporting their logs to other countries, if the country’s supply of forests are getting low or crucially low then the rate at which they are cut down should be shortened and the amount of seedlings that are planted should be increased. Some places in Canada isn’t ideal to carry future trees, but people should take advantage as all the flat land that currently exist.

Of course the north would be a difficult place to start growing trees due to the weather but in the mainland, if its possible to slow down production and focus on keeping the future trees that can be potential logs or lumber.

countries that are in higher demand should still be able to purchase lumber, the United States seems well developed but in other countries like China where they are still developing should still receive lumber, pulp and logs from Canada.

Another idea is that, we should guess and estimate how much lumber Canada would have in the year X and take stronger action to look and take care of the remaining forests that exist.

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