Non-Fiction Advertising Analysis

This is a Coca Cola ad released in the year 2013 for people in Nigeria.
A new bottle of Coca Cola is being advertised here showing that the newly released bottles have “friend” and “family” labeled on them. This can give the thought to other people that there are probably more bottles in stores that are labeled other things rather than just “friend” and “family”.
This ad is for people enjoy the taste of coke and who also enjoys spending time with family or friends rather than just drinking it by themselves. This isn’t meant for people who are in a certain age¬†group
This ad is very eye catching because the background on this ad is showing families holding a can or a bottle of Coca Cola and having a wonderful time with each other, the color of the ad is red and white which are bright colors and its also the colours of the Coca Cola. The slogan is written with the classic Coca Cola font saying “share a coke with…”

The Coca Cola ad contains Pathos and Logos, people are supposed to enjoy the cola with a positive feeling and it should be enjoyed with another individual, and the Coca Cola logo is displayed on the two bottles of cola in the middle and its also displayed on the top right corner in the shape of the Coca Cola bottle caps.

Persuasive techniques such as Transfer and Plain folks are demonstrated in this ad, Coca Cola should be¬†enjoyed with a friend or family with a happy, joyful feeling. This ad isn’t saying it should be enjoyed by a certain class of people but the regular people around the world.





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