2081 Charter of Rights and Freedoms


The short story “Harrison Bergeron” was written by the author Kurt Vonnegut a socialist who wants a type of equality, he puts a satire view on what the world will be if everything was equal. Harrison Bergeron is a story that takes place in the year 2081 in the United States, during this period everyone is equal and is wearing a handicap such as scrap metal to restrict strength, radio transmitters to prevent thinking from going any further. The amendment that where former United State citizens are able to take off their handicaps if they moved out of the country was added because the handicap was only in the United States only and if the individual couldn’t live under the governments circumstances they can remove it but they would have to find a different home in a different country. The second most important amendment that was that religion can not be practiced within the country, one thought that this would be in the story but it wasn’t been confirmed though if it was in the story it would decrease the population of the United States. Many people would not give up their religion even if the government forced them to.

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