Social Studies 11 Exploration is comprised of various subject areas that include social justice, law, political studies, human geography, genocide studies and First Nations. The course contains three components – Human Rights, Democratic Engagement/Government and Self-Directed Studies. The Human Rights component include topics related to Canada, the World, First Nations, Socials Justice, Human Geography and Genocide. The Democratic Engagement/Government component address topics related to political studies and citizenship. The Self-Directed Studies component will provide students with an opportunity to pursue an area of interest with an inquiry-based project. The course reinforces the Curriculum Competences from previous Social Studies courses as well as the continued development of concepts associated with Historical Thinking – historical significance, evidence and interpretation, continuity and change, cause and consequence, historical perspective and ethical judgement. The Social Studies Department highly encourages that Social Studies 11 Explorations be taken before any Social Studies 12 course (History, Law, Geography, Economics, Social Justice).