The new Physics 12 curriculum is designed around 3 core ideas.

1. Kinematics allows us to predict, describe and analyze and objects motion (2-D Kinematics)
2. Forces influence the motion of an object (2-D Dynamics)
3. Momentum and energy are conserved in a closed system (2-D Momentum and Energy)
Additionally there are 4 optional units that incorporate 5 more big ideas: At least two of these units must be completed.
1. Electric fields and forces describe how charges interact (Electrostatics)
2. The electromagnetic for produces both electricity and magnetism (Electromagnetic Forces and Induction)
3. An object in equilibrium is subject to zero net force and zero net torque (Forces in Equilibrium)
4. Circular motion occurs as a result of a centre seeking force and can be used to describe and predict the motion of objects. Gravitational forces and fields describe how masses interact. (Circular Motion and Gravitation)

This course will use various core competencies, lab work, technology and projects to address the learning outcomes.