Hockey 11 traditionally follows Hockey 10. It is a course that provides a continued training environment for students to develop their hockey skills and overall knowledge of the game. Students will reach a further understanding of the benefits of the game and how to translate that into their daily lives. It intends to provide a high-performance training environment for students
to develop hockey skills, so they will be prepared to meet challenges of hockey at all levels. It is the goal of the course to specifically target elements of the game that are pivotal at the developmental level that most Grade 11 student are at. Narrowing the focus to analyze how an athlete’s skills, communication, and motivation can create positive outcomes in a student’s abilities. Along with basic skills, they will be able to learn how to place themselves in better positions both on and off the ice. Continuing to learn valuable life skills that can be used in any career field. While this course is open to all levels of hockey ability, students are recommended to complete Hockey 10. A $264 monthly fee applies.