Fitness and Conditioning 11 is a course directed to students interested in maintaining or enhancing personal fitness through participation in a variety of activities at different intensity levels. Considered a survey course, Fitness and Conditioning 11 will introduce students to basic weight training principles including various training configurations. Some of the resistance-based programs include: Endurance Training, Circuit Training, Strength Training, Pyramid Training and Super setting. The Optimum Performance Training Model (OPT) will be used to introduce safety and proper training techniques so that students will have the best chance to reach their health and fitness goals. Students will be exposed to various cardiorespiratory and flexibility activities including: jogging, circuit training, spin classes, boot camp, Tabata training and yoga. Some of the topics covered in this course include basic anatomy and physiology, principles of movement, cardiorespiratory training principles and program design, nutrition, healthy eating and body weight management and exercise safety. Students are based in the Riverside Fitness Centre.