*This course may be offered in Period 1 or outside of the timetable.

Active Living 12, is an enriched learning opportunity that follows the same goals and basis as Active Living 11, thus being, to extend student competencies in physical activities and encourage lifelong participation in sports and recreation. Students will be offered a variety of traditional and non-traditional sport and recreational opportunities to participate in to enhance their athletic skills. Field trip opportunities for this course may include: curling, golf, rock climbing, canoeing, skiing and windsurfing. The course will also enhance decision making skills and go deeper into topics around overall health and well being. In addition, students will be expected to participate in 10 hours of extracurricular community service and field trips. This course would be an asset to students interested in a career in recreation or physical education. It is a beneficial opportunity for students open to new challenges, that are interested in their personal health and wellness.