Importance of Fasteners

Wood Screws: Screws used for wood and other soft materials.

Machine Screws: Used for the assembly of metal parts.

Self Cutting Machine Screws: Machine Screws with a thread cutting, self tapping point.

Sheet Metal Screws: Designed to be directly driven into sheetmetal. Can also be used on plastic, fiber glass, or wood.

Self Driving Sheet Metal Screws: Just Sheet Metal Screws with a self drilling point.

Hex Bolt: Used with a nut or a tap pole.

Carriage Bolts: Has a spur section which pulls in the material to prevent spinning during installation. Used to fasten wood parts.

Lag Bolts: A heavy duty screw that are used to connect heavy lumber or other heavy materials.

Socket Screws: Are Machine Screws with an internal hex socket.

Set Screws: Used to hold a nub colour, pulley or gear.

Eye Bolt: Used for attaching a rope or a chain.

Eye Lag: Uses wood thread instead of machine thread.

J Bolts: Used for tie downs.

U Bolts: Attaching pipes and other round surfaces.

Shoulder Bolts: To create a pivot point.

Elevator Bolts: Used in conveyer systems.

Sex Bolts: Used for through bolting applications, where a head is desired on both sides of the joint.

Mating Screws: Has a shoulder that matches the diameter of the sex bolt.

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