Short Story 1 – A Television Drama

Part 1

I came up to the house where the criminal came from. I had to ask someone inside the house why he was there and get information. I’m in the business and I’m one of the best, I have to stay on top hear what happened first. I got to the front door, and nocked real hard but no one came to the door. I knocked again, no one. I was positive I had seen someone, were they scared, nervous or shocked. I knew no one was going to come to the door but I still have to write an article about this event. I told myself I’ll have to take what I’ve got and make up the rest.

Part 2

That its different if you heard it on the radio or TV than in person. Pete was feeling different about it than Carolee was because they experienced different things. Carolee was questioning herself because she was so stunned and scared but Pete cared so much for his wife that he was more scared than she was.