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In science 9 class, we investigated and found out what laundry detergent would remove the stain best. We tested four different types of laundry detergent; Tide, Woolite, Sunlight and No name brand. We stained the rag with coffee and let it dry overnight. Then, we stirred each of them in the separate beaker with 250ml of hot water and 7 drops of different laundry detergents for 10 minutes. After we finished stirring them, we rinsed them with cold water for 10 seconds to remove any last bit of stains. We could barely see the difference when it was wet, but when we dried them over the weekends, the resulted clearly showed which laundry worked the best.


We were wondering if the results would have shown differently depending on the temperature of the water.

We searched it up and found out that it’s better to use hot water when washing white or bright fabrics.


We mixed each beaker with a rag in it. (Each beaker had label on it, which indicated what type of laundry detergent it was containing)

After mixing them for 10 minutes, we put them up on the wall and dried them over the weekend. This is a picture of what it looked like when it was wet. (It has just came out of the beaker)

Over the weekend, all the rags has completely dried, and we could sort of tell which laundry detergent worked the best.


What I found difficult during the experiment was that we had to put equal amount of cold water laundry detergent, and stirring it fairly for 15 minutes. I don’t think it was good idea to stir the beaker on our own for 10 minutes, because the result could have been shown differently if different people stirred different beaker. Some people stirred it very slowly and weakly, when other stirred it really quickly and with strength. However, our group put a lot of time and effort in this experiment, and it was successful.

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