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Locked up

by: Christina Sato

The prison guard,

walks the cold, lonely halls of the prison.

He peers into one of the gloomy cells,

and tries to pick up any sign of the disconsolate prisoner.

Dragging his baton across the lifeless cells,

clunk, clunk, clunk

His shift is almost over.

He lays on one of the bleak, uncomfortable beds,

and hears the door of his prison cell shut.

He wakes up to the sound of a rubber baton hitting the metal bars,

clunk, clunk, clunk

He feels trapped inside the locked cell,

with no escape… a prisoner.


white wasted young man sitting on street ground with shadow on concrete wall feeling miserable and sad in urban scene representing depression and sickness

Hunger Composition

Hunger by by Robert Laurence Binyon is a vivid image of how hunger has more power then any. This lyrical poem takes on a dark and depressing theme as Robert uses figurative language to describe the feeling of hunger: “I come among the peoples like a shadow. I sit down by each mans side.” This poem has an unusually concept because the author isn’t describing hunger. Hunger is describing itself. Although hunger is perceived as a feeling. In the poem hunger describes itself with characteristics you can use to describe a human. Hunger therefore personifies itself, and could be mistaken for a character if the reader didn’t know what the poem was about when they started reading: “Kings and chancellors give commands. I give no command to any.” The poem Hunger demonstrates a much darker side of hunger. It shows how hunger isn’t just a feeling people get when its time for lunch or dinner. For some people hunger is a feeling they have all the time because they cant afford or access the food they need: “Like the deepening of frost in the slow night. When birds are dead in the morning.” Hunger says during the poem that “My silence is like the silence of the tide. That buries the playground of children.” this is one of the similes in the poem. It’s meaning being that hunger is as silent as the tide, and it silently comes over the children. Another simile in the poem is “I come among the peoples like a shadow.” this describes how quickly and unnoticed hunger can come upon someone. Shadows are used to represent dark and miserable things in poetry. When someone who cant afford food notices hunger they feel depressed and miserable, like a shadow. In the poem hunger uses the simile “Like a deepening of frost in the slow of night.” to describe itself it shows how hunger progresses like the deepening of frost at night and gets worse as time goes on. Hunger is one of humans biggest vulnerability, it takes away their power and control and gives them no choice but to give into it.

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  1. Christina – the poem is great, but you did not hyper-link to a song or video. the picture is good though. A good discussion of “Hunger”.

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