Tech Team Semester Reflection

  1. This year I haven’t done much around the school as I have largely been focusing on my school work. However, I have recently joined the schools’ new community connections club and we are looking into doing a clothing drive for foster kids in Surrey.
    1. So far our biggest success was getting enough members to really start planning the logistics of our first big project and now we have started brainstorming the specifics like how we are going to advertise the drive as well as where we are going to keep the items so they can be decontaminated and later driven to the foster care center.
    2. Our biggest struggle has definitely been planning this drive around the added COVID restrictions because everything has to be cleared by the principal and if we don’t cover all of our bases then we have to start over. We are also struggling to find people who are really willing to commit to different tasks that need to be done but as more people start to join the club we believe that those issues will be largely resolved.
    3. As for support with technology at Riverside, I find that the school does a pretty good job especially for students who cannot afford devices as they can rent and get tech support for said devices through the library.

My Digital Footprint

Laptop,, Calendar and Books


After googling my name I found myself on a religious website within around 5 minutes. I also found a bunch of social media links although none of them were my own. I imagine that most people would think that my digital footprint is rather tame.


apple, business, computer



Your digital footprint can affect your future job in quite a few ways. For one thing, employers will often look into you to find out what kind of person they are hiring and whether or not you are productive. It might also help to either spread a positive or negative view on your life from the perspective of others.


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You can keep a good digital footprint by making sure not to enter sketchy websites, avoid putting your personal information (credit card info, address, name, birthday, etc.) on the internet in any manner and thinking before posting any thing on a public page.Free stock photo of hand, apple, iphone, smartphone I think that I would tell other students to switch all of there social media accounts to private, avoid sketchy websites and to always consider who might see what you post on the internet.


I think that I would tell other students to switch all of there social media accounts to private, avoid sketchy websites and to always consider who might see what you post on the internet. I think that it is also good to avoid sites that are labeled “Not Secure” on the top left corner of your browser because you have a higher chance of receiving a virus from these sites.


All images in this post were taken from “Pexels”, a free stock photo service.

Free stock photo of hand, iphone, smartphone, internetGroup Of People Having A Meeting

Conversation 10 – Top du Top!

Quand quelq’un te dit bonjour quand tu les passes.

Une chose que toutes les personnes aime beaucoup est quand quelqu’un qu’il ne parle pas à trop souvent leur dit bonjour quand ils les passent. Chaque personne aime quand ç’arrive car ça te fait sentir comme les autres personnes sait qui tu es et t’aime assez de te dire bonjour. Quelques fois quand tu sens mal ou tu te sens comme personnes veut te parler, c’est la seule chose que tu as besoin pour te mettre en bonne humeur. C’est aussi important car chaque personne pense au moins un ou deux fois par mois si les autres personnes pensent à propos de les dans leurs temps personnels et sa te mets à l’aise de savoir qu’il y en a des personnes qui te pense. Mais dans ce cas, le pire chose dans la monde es quand tu ne sais pas la personne ou tu ne sais pas qui t’a dit car tu ne sais pas à qui dire bonjour. Après ça, tu te sens content car quelqu’un t’a dit bonjour mais tu te sens une peux mal car tu sais que cette personne est probablement triste car il pense que tu l’as ignoré.


P.S. Je m’excuse de l’audio car je n’ai pas du bon équipement d’audio.

La Pouvoir

  1. Les personnes comme des presidents, les vedettes, les rois et les reines ont de la pouvoir. Quelques examples de presidents sont : Donald Trump et Vladimir Putin. Quelques Vedettes comme Arnold schwarzenegger on reçu de la puvoir gràce au connaissence du public, et la reine de l`angleterre était née avec de la pouvoir.
  2. Les enfants et les personnes dans l`école n`ont pas beaucoup de pouvoir dans la vie. Après sa, tout les adults ont de la pouvoir dans une façon ou une autre car ils pouvont voté dans une system democratique.
  3. Je pense que les personnes peuvent reçevoir de la pouvoir par devenir éduquer et par reçevoir de l`argent. Par example, les personnes comme Bill Gates ou Mark zuckerburg.